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The native Silesian girl. She has known since her childhood that she is going to sing and play in a theatre. She took her first steps on stage in the Studio of Dorota Pomykała and Danuta Owczarek.

At the age of 16 she decided to check herself and went to the FeTA festival in Wrocław with her monodrama „Si’ach”, which brought her to the final. It took place in the Puppet Theatre in Wrocław and that was a place where she fell in love in theatre of form and decided to apply to the puppetry department.

In 2008 she started her studies in the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw – the Puppetry Art Department in Białystok – field of study: acting.

In 2012 she started to work in the Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kubuś” in Kielce, where she made her debut in the performance “Na Arce o ósmej” (directed by Petr Nosálek). In the same year she got a position of an assistant in her home Academy of Dramatic Art in Białystok and at the same time started to participate classes in the First Private Music School “Muzyk” in Kielce in the Department of Jazz and Popular Music (in the class of Ms Marta Wilk).


2005-2008 III High School of Stefan Batory in Chorzów, class: Culture and Theatre
2006-2008 Acting Studio of Dorota Pomykała and Danuta Owczarek „ART-PLAY” in Katowice
2008-2013 Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art – Puppetry Art Department in Białystok, field of study: acting
2012-2016 First Private Music School “Muzyk” in Kielce – Department of Jazz and Popular Music. class: Jazz Vocalism

2012-2015 Actress in the Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kubuś“ in Kielce
since 2015 Assistant in the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art
Pedagogic and educational activities (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association ZHP, workshops for children and youth)

– „Pułapka” (“The Trap”) T. Różewicz, directed by Marcin Bikowski, part: Felice
– „Dziewczynka z zapałkami” (“The Little Match Girl”) own project, part: girl
– „Dreptak i Pępek świata” own project of Agata Widzowska Pasiak, parts: Dreptak, Szczypawka, Baranek, Karaluch
– „Szmonces i Liryka” musical project – Jewish song, directed by Artur Dwulit, part: Wiera Gran
– „Opera Żebracza” (“The Beggar’s Opera”) John Gay, directed by Artur Dwulit, part: Polly Peachum
– „Syreniada” Jacek Mailnowski, directed by Jacek Malinowski, parts: mermaid sister, Murena
– „Na Arce o Ósmej” (“An der Arche um Acht”) Ulrich Hub, directed by Petr Nosálek, part: Penguin
– „Kopciuszek” (“Cinderella”) Ireneusz Maciejewski, directed by Ireneusz Maciejewski, part: Cinderella
– „Amelka, Bóbr i Król na dachu” Tankret Dorst, directed by Robert Drobniuch, part: Amelka
– „Calineczka” (“Thumbelina”) H. Ch. Andersen, directed by Ewa Sokół-Malesza, part: Mouse
– „Jasno/Ciemno” Honorata Mierzejewska Mikosza, directed by Honorata Mierzejewska Mikosza, project within the series „Baja dla Najnaja”, part: Ciemno
– „O Przyszczycerzu i Królewnie Pięknotce” Marta Guśniowska, directed by Piotr Bogusław Jędrzejczak, part: Królewna Pięknotka
– „Kosmiczna sprawa” Agata Biziuk, directed and written by Agata Biziuk, part: Girl
– „Dziadki, dziatki” directed by Marek Zákostelecký, part: Asystentka Jola
– „Biały Klaun” directed by Ewa Piotrowska, part: Girl

– „Odludzie” Kornel Danielewicz, Kamil Bernatek – directed by Kornel Danielewicz – premiere planned for spring 2015

2012 „Pastorałka o Wole i Ośle” Paweł Pawlik directed by Robert Drobniuch, part: Shepherd boy. Joint project with Radio Kielce
2014 „Mała Syrenka” (“The Little Mermaid”) Anna Andraka based on tale of H.CH. Andersen, directed by Robert Drobniuch, part: Little Mermaid. Joint project with  European Fairytale Centre in Pacanów.

2012-2014 regular cooperation in terms of workshops with the kindergarten „BOBO RAJ” in Kielce
2012-2015 Assistant by classes of stage song in the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Białystok
2013 Theatre workshops with secondary and high school youth within the project „Kreatywna Lokomotywa” in Kielce
2014 Puppet animation workshops for teachers within the project „Teatr w Szkole”


Singing of popular classics and contemporary music,
Playing instruments: piano, guitar, recorder


  • Natural Woman - recital

    • Cheek to cheek,
    • The man I love,
    • I got rythm,
    • Ty masz w sobie coś,
    • When you believe,
    • Making whoopy,
    • Embraceable you,
    • Ain’t she sweet,
    • Body and soul,
    • How deep is your love,
    • Anema e core,
    • Proszę sądu,
    • Wonderful world,
    • Natural woman.


    • Magdalena DANIEL – vocal,
    • Daniela KARWOWSKA – music.






  • W futrze kota
    Vocal: Magdalena Daniel
    Composer: Filip Sternal
    Text: Halina Poswiatowska
    Piano: Daniela Karwowska
    Sound production: Anna Wiśniewska studio KOLIBER
    Director: Rakoczyfilm
    Starring: Maciej Łagodziński, Magdalena Daniel

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